Father Daughter Dance

Father-Daughter-DancingFather Daughter Dance: Special Father’s Day weekend event in Memphis, TN

A special Father’s Day event – Father Daughter Dance – will be held at Blue Suede Ballroom Dance Studio on Saturday, June 18 2016,3:30-5pm before Father’s Day. See below for a list of the evening’s events:

– 30 minute ballroom dance lesson: Fathers / daughters will learn to dance a ballroom dance together!
– 30 minute line dance lesson: We will turn up the energy and learn a special line dance!
– DANCE PARTY: At the end we will dim the lights and the party lights up for our guests to try out all their new moves! Guests can enjoy pizza from Russo’s New York Pizzeria and beverages. All adults will get a free group class for them and their partners for future use!

Admission is $25 per adult and $10 per child (4 years and up). RSVP is required – simply purchase admissions below to reserve your spot!

Father's Day Dance in MemphisWe are VERY excited to be holding this special event on Father’s Day weekend and would be honored to have you in attendance! The dress will be formal so please make the evening special and come dressed to impress! If you have any questions please call at 901-758-0032 or email us at info@bluesuedeballroom.com.

Father Daughter Dance Admissions

Father’s Daughter Dance Flyer

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