Dance studio classes - ballroom and social dancing

There are variety of reasons to schedule a private group classes: birthdays, anniversaries, team outing or if you just want to have fun together with your friends. We can set a special private class for you and your group. We’ll tailor the dance class to the group level and needs. You can customize the class time and the dance. Groups from 2 to up to 60 people are welcome. Call 901-758-0032 for pricing. You’ll learn to dance in a private environment where is all attention focused on your group. The classes with group of friends, relatives, co-workers, schools groups where is everyone knows each other run in more relaxed atmosphere, with more fun and the group are starting to learn from the same level.

Birthday and Anniversary Classes

Dance classes are a great way for couples to bond together. Just knowing that you are learning something active and new together can be a very rewarding and wonderful experience on your birthday or anniversary. Hosting a private group dance lesson on your birthday with your friends is also a great way to get them to join in on the experience with you and learn something new together. Call us to schedule your private event.

Get employees activated, interacting and enjoying themselves through the latest career trend. Dance is an excellent team building activity and a good source of interactive entertainment. Dance lessons promote an atmosphere of fun and give everyone in your organization a way to work together and improve. The dance lessons can be offered once a month for up to a year to insure everyone successfully learns the dance.

Tips : 1. Have your company vote on the kind of dancing that everyone wants to learn. The dance that receives the majority of the votes should be the winner.

2. Pick dances that include two or more people. ( ex. Waltz, swing, or salsa )

3. Hire a professional dance teacher to achieve the best results.

Dance Exercise – They learn teamwork skills and how to integrate these skills into their dance moves. The lessons learned can be applied to any situation at work.

Tips: Hire a professional dance exercise instructor and emphasize to the instructor that you want dances that utilize at least two people or more.

Special Group Classes

Group classes are very affordable, great for review and practice, and provide a wonderful social atmosphere that make learning Ballroom Dance very fun and interactive. Although switching partners is not mandatory, a  “ switching partners  “ system is an option in group classes. The system allows people to get to know one another and help them learn from each other.

School Dances 

While different cotillion programs school their students in different things (some blend ballroom dance instruction with lessons in table etiquette, while others focus on dance), the overarching principle of cotillion classes is the same: Students are taught how to be respectful, polite members of their communities. Having taught high school students as well as college students, the results are always the same. Dance is a physical activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle, creativity, and academic enrichment.

Ministry Group Functions

Many studies have found that dancing improves walking speed, reaction time, as well as cognitive and fine motor performance. Jazz, Ballroom, Tango, Folk, and a series of slow, low impact dance movements are likely to be beneficial. Dancing provides physical, psychological, and social benefits. Dancing has been proven to reduce depression and anxiety, boost self-esteem, body image, coping ability, and an overall sense of well being.

  • Benefits: Boost memory
  • Reduces Stress
  • Decreases depression symptoms
  • Lose weight
  • Improve balance
  • Increase energy

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