Group Dance Classes

Dance studio classes in Germantown, TN

Group classes are a great way to learn a variety of dance steps and patterns. In addition, Advanced classes focus on technique and styling. Group classes can be a great addition to your private lessons as you can learn new steps and then improve them in great detail during your privates. We offer a wide selection of group classes to meet any dancer’s needs: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Group classes incorporate repetition which gives you a chance to practice your steps. Learning to dance is about training the muscles in your body through repetition and developing “muscle memory”. This “muscle memory” will eventually allow you to dance without thinking–to dance naturally. In addition, group classes provide you with a great opportunity to meet other students and practice your skills with various partners if you’d like! Group classes allow you to test your leading skills (if you are a man) and following skills (if you are a lady). Being able to lead or follow different partners is key to being an excellent social dancer. Go to Calendar to see this month’s Schedule of Classes or call the studio at 901-758-0032.

There are variety of reasons to schedule a private group classes: birthdays, anniversaries, team outing or if you just want to have fun together with your friends. We can set a special private class for you and your group. We’ll tailor the dance class to the group level and needs. You can customize the class time and the dance. Read more…

Dance classes in Germantown, Collierville, Memphis and Cordova, TN

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