Andriy VelychkoAndriy - ballroom dance teacher in Memphis, TN

Andriy is the founder and owner of Blue Suede Ballroom. Currently, he is also teaching a ballroom dance class for University of Memphis. Andriy began dancing at the age of 10 in Kiev, Ukraine. He started out taking ballroom, jazz and ballet, but later focused primarily on ballroom as it became his passion. Andriy went on to compete professionally both in Ukraine and internationally. He placed in the finals of numerous prestigious competitions. Andriy has also been invited and performed on a variety of TV and stage shows and charity events. In addition, he worked as a choreographer and a ballroom dance coach teaching adults and children. Many of his students chose dance as a career path and were very successful in ballroom dance competitions both on the national and international levels. In 1999, Andriy moved to the United States to further pursue his dance career. After teaching ballroom dance in Upper Montclair, NJ, he accepted an invitation to join a national chain dance studio in Memphis, TN where he taught from 2000 to 2006. During these six years of employment, Andriy received wide recognition among both his students and colleagues having won numerous professional awards such as a Top Teacher Award (regional and national) and others. Currently, Andriy runs Blue Suede Ballroom on a daily basis, teaches advanced level group classes and private lessons. He is striving to make Blue Suede Ballroom the strongest ballroom dance school in the Mid-South and to popularize ballroom dancing in Memphis area.

Desiree Harper McCain Desiree McCain - ballroom dance teacher in Memphis, TN

Originally from Memphis, TN, Desiree Harper McCain was born with a passion the dance. She began her ballroom dance training here, in the Harpers' family owned dance studios, with some of the dance industry's greatest icons and her major influences: Roy Mavor, Ron Montez, and the fabulous dance team of Vernon Brock and Linda Dean along with many other top name coaches too numerous to list. While enjoying a successful competitive ballroom career, Desiree achieved her ranking in the top 3 female amateurs in the U.S. at just 17 years of age. Following her dance dreams, she continued to perform, compete and win titles in many regional and national competitions across the United States. In her late teens Desiree was awarded a scholarship to the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York City. After arriving in the Big Apple, Desiree began training in all disciplines of dance, choreography, movement and performance. While pursuing her studies in New York, Desiree began developing her choreographic talents both in dance and theatre, in front of the camera and behind the camera as well, in pre and post production. One of her all time favorite television experiences was on the set of "Saturday Night Live" where she had the opportunity to work alongside two of America's favorite comedians, Adam Sandler and Chris Farley in the "Schmitt's Gay Beer" skit, circa 2008. Upon returning to Memphis, Desiree brought with her the fire and drive to create as much dance in the world as possible. In the Memphis and Mid-South area she began right away by igniting the social dance scene. First, she created a huge Salsa dance contingency which has continued to grow and flourish. Next on her agenda was the creation of the West Coast Swing dance platform. Again, to date, this is a thriving and ever expanding community here in the mid-south and was the impetus for the opening of her first studio, Desoto Ballroom Dance Studio. Within a couple of years she grew and expanded to a new space, Desoto Ballroom Dance Company. It was here that Desiree began developing an educational environment as well as a competitive format for adults and children alike. Teaching, coaching, and choreography in all dance disciplines became the focus of her work. And it was from this program that Desiree produced the two current, number one Amateur title holders in the United States. I have realized many dreams in my life and hope that I have inspired many, many more.


Ballroom dance instructor KayLeigh Richardson

KayLeigh Richardson

KayLeigh Richardson Berenzy was born and raised in Olive Branch and has been ballroom dancing since she was nine years old. At sixteen, she began competing and winning titles around the Southeast Region. She began teaching at Blue Suede Ballroom in 2012 and after graduating college in 2014 she is happy to be back at the studio. "See you on the dance floor!"




Jonathan Munoz Jonathan Munoz - ballroom dance instructor in Memphis, TN

Jonathan began teaching ballroom when he arrived in Memphis in 2003. Since then, he has taught ballroom both independently and through several local studios, and has performed in showcases, exhibitions, and demonstrations in and around the Memphis area. Ballroom captured Jonathan's attention and it quickly became his passion as he studied. The training he received was extensive and included the most highly recognized coaches from the United States. Jonathan specializes in social and event dancing. He demonstrates a great love and understanding of the teaching process. His passion is working with wedding couples and choreographing first dances that are memorable, unique and fitting each couple's dynamic and personalities. When asked why he chose to teach ballroom Jonathan remarked that it felt as natural to him as breathing.


Enoch Evans Enoch Evans - ballroom dance instructor in Memphis, TN

Enoch Evans began dancing in Columbus, Ohio under world famous Bill Sparks where he competed around Ohio with his former professional partner. After years of competitive dancing Enoch started working with students and assisting teachers with creating choreography where he found his passion for teaching. Enoch began increasing his dance resume by continuing to work with famous teachers in Columbus such as Svetlana Iskhakov and Ohio State University coach, Alexander Thomas. In 2009, Enoch moved to Tennessee where he started working at Blue Suede Ballroom Dance Studio. Enoch performed showcases around Memphis, TN before officially joining the Blue Suede Ballroom staff in 2012. Enoch has since enjoyed the possibility to teach the highest quality of dance available across the Mid-South, and continues to strive on perfecting dance, and teaching with a form of enthusiasm enjoyed by all.