I hope you enjoyed our April Fools’ Day post below and we really got you on that one!

New!!! THE SERIES OF DANCE WORKSHOPS IN APRIL! Sign up Today ONLY and get a FREE admission for you and your dance partner. The special DANCE GALA on April 28th is included.

Sat. April 7 – DANCING BLINDFOLDED Workshop – improve awareness, spatial orientation, leading or following skill

Sat. April 14 – REVERSE DANCE Workshop – dance the patterns reverse to improve your memory, coordination and motor skills

Sat. April 21 – TIED SHOELACES Workshop: improves balance and teaches to take small steps in all Latin dances

Sat. April 28 – DANCE GALA – test the workshop skills at social dance event by dancing blindfolded, reverse, with tied shoelaces and have fun!

Call today (901) 758-0032 to receive free admission! Mention code : yaD slooF lirpA

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