Wedding Dance

Wedding day is one of the most memorable and important days in your life!? It's filled with love, thousands of happy moments, countless smiles and endless joy... And, of course, your first dance together as a husband and wife is a special highlight of the wedding day! At Blue Suede Ballroom, we look forward to help you make YOUR wedding dance experience unique and unforgettable!

We will prepare you for your special day by:

Wedding dance lessons
  • Meeting with you to learn what the "perfect first dance" means for you
  • Working with your music selection to create a customized dance to fit your music best (or we'll help you choose your song!)
  • Prepare you for the most important dance of your life – first dance or father/daughter dance
  • Choreographing an elegant yet easy and FUN to perform dance
  • Practicing the choreography with you- you will master your moves in a relatively short time!
  • Helping you gain poise and confidence that will bring tears to your parents' eyes and make your guests cheer!


"Both of us felt very comfortable during our first dance which led to confidence that lasted the rest of the evening. ...we will definitely recommend Blue Suede Ballroom to our friends!" ~Andrew


You will enjoy your lessons in addition to learning steps, wedding dance lessons are a great way to connect with your partner and take all the stress out of wedding planning! We will also teach you basic social dances which will help you look fantastic on the dance floor not only during your first dance but throughout your wedding party. In addition, you can use them for other dancing events well beyond your wedding day!

Wedding Dance Package for a couple