Wedding dance

Blue Suede Ballroom dance studio is the best place for wedding dance lessons in Germantown and Memphis, TN.

One of the most memorable moments in your wedding day is the celebratory first dance. The first dance is a unique expression of the two of you as a couple. A chance to share your joy and connection. The two of you bringing your sense of style together for such an occasion sounds amazing!

But where do you start?

Let’s face it, planning a wedding is stressful enough! What if you could get your dance custom-made just for the two of you? And have it taught by a professional? In a fun AND relaxed environment??

Then you start at Blue Suede Ballroom.

Bring yourself and your partner, and we’ll take care of the rest! Blue Suede Ballroom offers Memphis’ finest professional dance instructors, and we specialize in wedding and event choreography. It doesn’t matter if you have dance experience or not. We know how to equip you and your partner with the skills and confidence you want, and you might even have fun doing it!

As indicated in our name, wedding dance lessons at Blue Suede Ballroom is a Memphis thing! We have served Memphis and the Mid-South community for over 10 years, and bring decades of combined experience among our instructors. If you want something fun and simple, or a magnificent show with romantic flare, or even something that reflects your sense of humor, we welcome it. Your story is what makes your dance special. We love working with you at your pace to create something awesome.

Wedding packages are available here or you can contact us via phone (901) 758-0032. We recommend that you start as early as possible so that you have plenty of time to practice and enjoy yourself. Come have a great experience at Blue Suede Ballroom and make it a Memphis thing!

Wedding dance lessons in Memphis area - First dance